Barefoot Farm is a nonprofit providing organic produce to Appalachian communities. We also partner with indigenous Tarahumara farmers in Mexico's Copper Canyons. 

Our 50-acre off-grid organic farm is nestled in the Craggy Mountains of North Carolina. Our family farm includes dairy goats, chickens, honeybees, orchards, and vegetable gardens. We grow fresh organic produce for Appalachian families in need, and we offer field trips and nutrition education to schools and low-income communities.

Barefoot Farm was established in 2005 by Will Harlan and Emily Diznoff. Harlan spent over a decade working with Tarhaumara communities, and he modeled Barefoot Farm after the simple, sustainable, self-sufficient homesteads of the Tarahumara.

Harlan was the champion of the 2009 Copper Canyon 50-Mile Ultramarathon, a race made famous by the bestselling book Born to Run. His work with the Tarahumara was highlighted in the feature-length documentary El Chivo. Since then, he has helped established seed banks, goat herds, clean water projects, scholarships, and cultural exchange programs with the Tarahumara.