Barefoot Seeds is a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit working with Tarahumara farmers to grow native varieties of corn and establish seed banks in their ancestral canyonlands. For 15 years, Barefoot Seeds has been helping Tarahumara communities in the Copper Canyons of Mexico by providing clean water infrastructure, solar power, dairy goat herds, and seed banks.

Barefoot Seeds also provides tools and assistance with water resources, soil conservation, and land protection.  In addition, we work with indigenous rural schools to provide scholarships, clean water, and nutrition.        

Barefoot Seeds was founded by Will Harlan. Harlan was the champion of the 2009 Copper Canyon 50-Mile Ultramarathon, a race made famous by the bestselling book Born to Run. His work with the Tarahumara was highlighted in the feature-length documentary El Chivo. Since then, he has helped established seed banks, goat herds, clean water projects, scholarships, and cultural exchange programs with the Tarahumara.